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On the first floor of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Gravina Cruyllas is located the house where Vincenzo Bellini was born, the historic seat of the Civic Museum named after the illustrious Catanese composer. The museum was inaugurated on 5 May 1930, with the solemn concurrence of the Royal Family of Italy, with the aim of collecting and preserving Bellini’s relics and memories in the artistic setting-up designed by the first director, the painter Benedetto Condorelli. From the very beginning, the museum housed a rich library with specialized texts on Bellini’s operas and the history of music in general. The subsequent installation, carried out in the mid-1990s, saw the expansion of the exhibition and the transfer of the library to the main floor of the same building. Following recent renovation work, the house where Bellini was born has been the focus of a project for the re-functionalization and new setting of Bellini’s collections, together with the spaces on the piano nobile destined to house the “Virtual Museum of Music BellinInRete”.

Vincenzo Bellini

The first-born son of a modest family of musicians from Abruzzo, Vincenzo Bellini was born in Catania on 3rd November 1801, to Rosario Bellini and Agata Ferlito.

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Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum of Music BellinInRete aims at refunctionalizing the spaces of the Museo Civico Belliniano through the adoption of communicative strategies that exploit digital technologies

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The house where Bellini was born began to be the object of cultural and tourist interest as early as 1871

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